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A crawler must have not only a good strategy crawling, but must have a highly optimized architecture. A crawler slowly downloading from a few pages per second for a short period is easy to build, but build an advanced system Small business seo packages that can download hundreds of millions of pages in a few weeks presents many challenges in system design, system i o, network efficiency, robustness and flexibility. Web crawlers are a central part of search engine algorithms and architectures details of their business secrets remain. When a new crawler is published, it is often professional seo services agency omitted many details about it, to prevent its reproduction by other companies. There are fears raised in terms of search engine spamming that would prevent search engines to publish their ranking algorithms.

Search using search width is the simplest strategy crawling. It does not use heuristics to decide who will visit the url below. All urls on the current level will be visited in the order they are discovered before the urls to the next level to be visited.although completion in width web pages do not differentiate according to quality or topics, it is very suitable to build collections for general search engines. However, recent studies showed that browsing in width could be deceptive and build domainspecific collections starts from the assumption that if urls are relevant starting a target area, it is likely that those pages the next level also be relevant to that area. Results from previous studies have shown that crawlers find pages by following simple in width could generate domainspecific collections, with reasonable quality.

However, the size of collections contrite with simple crawled can not be too high because, after they chose many web pages, searching in width starts to lose and introduce more noise in the final data. Other researchers have tried to use search method in width with web analysis algorithms for focused crawling. In this approach, web pages are to be found in order obtained by following in width, then filtered irrelevant pages in the collection, analysis algorithms using web. Compared to where it uses only covering in width, this method can build combined data collection specific to the much larger, much less noise. However, since many pages must be removed by web analytic algorithms in the process of crawling, this method suffers from low efficiency.

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This strategy is a wide applicability of browsing in a graph, the graph theory. This approach can be divided into two main steps. Visit and inspection of a node in the graph. Obtaining access to neighboring nodes of the current node algorithm bfs breadthfirst search starts at Small business seo packages a root node and inspects all neighboring nodes. Then, for each neighbor in hand, inspects all the neighbors who were invisible, and so on. Pagerank is an algorithm for analyzing links, named after larry page and used by the google search engine. It assigns numerical weighting to each element of a hyperlinked set of documents, such as the world wide web, to measure the relative importance of the set. The algorithm can be applied to any collection of entities with see more reciprocal quotations and references. Numerical weight it attaches to each element e is referred to as the pagerank of e and denoted by pr e. Pagerank is not the only algorithm that determines the ranking for google, but it is one of the many factors that determine the ranking of websites for any query entered. Pagerank relies on a probability Small business seo packages distribution used to represent the probability that a random person who click on links to get to a certain page. Pagerank can be calculated for collections of documents, regardless of size. It is assumed in several studies that the distribution is divided equally between all the documents in the collection at the beginning of the computational process.